Best restaurants in Coconut Grove

​Over the last few weeks, Short Order has been pairing eight Miami-Dade neighborhoods in a "Snackdown." This is the finals entry. Today pits Coconut Grove against Coral Gables. Which of these two is the better neighborhood for dining?

Read our arguments and VOTE! Tweet it. Facebook it. Google+ it. Comment if you don't like it. Comment if you love it. Do whatever it takes to rep your epicurean mecca.

It's D-Day.

Last night, hundreds of you decided that Midtown/Design District/Wynwood does not have what it takes to be crowned the Short Order Snackdown champion. The people of Coral Gables and loyal patrons alike harnessed 69.69 percent of the vote (did you guys plan that?).

Who's the favorite and who's the underdog in this race? At this point it doesn't matter. The point is there will only be one winner.

bouchonedited.jpg Coconut Grove
First you decided South Beach doesn't have what it takes to compete in the big leagues - so the Grove came out on top. Then you decided Downtown couldn't compete alongside the Grove. So here we are in the finals.

The Grove has been something of a haven for locals to leave the tourist-saturated beach scene. With old shady trees and meandering walkways and sidewalks, Coconut Grove offers a more peaceful dining setting than most other areas of Miami. In fact, we might even say it's most peaceful here in The Grove.

Grove-ites and visitors alike are crazy about Villa Mayfair - and rightfully so. Despite the pretty penny one spends on dinner for two, you pay for the ambiance and alcohol just as much as you do for the food. Neither of which Mayfair lacks very much in.

For the burger lovers, LoKal has been turned into the new hot spot for a good, clean burger. Have you had those sweet potato fries? Try them, they may sway your judgement in The Grove's favor. The LoKal Burger boasts homemade honey mustard and Homestead avocados. Did we mention the Florida grass-fed beef? Feel good about your meat and eat it too!

Scotty's Landing, the neighborhood place on the marina where you can, as Laine Doss put it, "chill the f**k out." Bombay Darbar and Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & Latam Grill need not be forgotten. (Fresh ceviche and kick-ass spicy paneer makhani? yes, please!)

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