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Our first trip as we were in the area for some R&R

This is a neat combination of a working seafood market and a really casual restaurant. At the entrance is a set of display cases with fresh fish, shellfish and home-made sides.

Warning - you cannot get a table until you order, and as this place must get packed during the peak vacation months, you might be looking at a bit of a wait. Well worth it, but be prepared. And they close early - 8pm the night we were there.

Off to the right are two dining areas, with nothing but condiments on the table. I knew I was going to be rolling up my sleeves!

The menu is fairly simple, with loads of fresh dishes, a couple of surprise items and a few traditional preparations. You order at the counter, and can add beer or wines by-the-glass or bottle from a short, but adequate selection.

You get a number, grab some silverware, and in our case wine glasses, and head to your table - in my case, drooling just a bit.

We started with some raw clams - as fresh as can be, and small and sweet, just like when I used to go clamming with my Dad. We moved on to Kung Pao calamari, which was spicy but not too hot and a great second course. A bottle of some white wine went perfectly with our first two courses.

There is table service once you are seated, and they were prompt and extremely efficient throughout our meal - water was promptly refilled and used dishes whisked away.

For our main course we shared the Portuguese Clam Bake - clams, chourizo served over linguini, with enough broth to dunk your bread in (over and over). A bit different than grandma's, but absolutely delicious.Our bill came to $53, including the bottle of wine.

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What is the best restaurant in London for seafood?

Bentleys in Swallow St - held a do there recently and the fruits de mer were superb. Biased of course as Richard Corrigan runs it and the Irish crowd