Chinese Restaurants in Framingham, MA

All kinds of banquets

First of all, the inside: Yes they have a buffet, but while was there, a loud office holiday party was being incredibly noisy and boisterous, clearly disturbing the other diners.

Second: When I placed my take-out order, and paid, I sat around for 25 minutes before getting my food. I mean, its Chinese food, not rocket science. Turns out that my food had been ready for 15 minutes before they gave it to me - it had been sitting on the counter for 15 minutes before they noticed that I was still sitting there.

Third: The food. Decidedly meh, sometimes ugh. We ordered the: hot and sour soup, peking ravioli, general gao's chicken, scallion pancakes, egg rolls, and ma pao tofu (spicy Sichuan tofu).

The hot and sour soup was neither hot nor sour, the peking ravioli tasted like hamburger and was fried, not steamed as requested. The scallion pancakes were oily and didn't have any scallions, the egg rolls looked equally oily (but to be fair I didn't eat any). I asked for the ma pao tofu to be extra spicy, and they promised me it would be - but it wasn't - just blandly and irritatingly mundane.

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