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Best in DFW: Chinese

During these trying financial times, one can only afford to spend so much on Chinese food. Now, I love authentic Chinese food, but there are times that even I prefer "Americanized" Chinese cuisine. You know what kind I'm talking about. Jade Palace fills this need for me. For $3.99, you get to choose from a dozen different lunch specials. You pick the entree (sesame chicken, pepper steak, kung pao chicken, etc.), pick the starch (steamed rice, fried rice, lo mein), and pick your soup (egg drop or hot and sour). All that food for $3.99!! This is FOR REAL people!

My favorite starter is the Cheese Boats. They're like crab rangoons except they are all cheese and no crab. Also, the fried wonton wrappers are shaped like little boats. Kinda cute and very tasty. I love the egg drop soup, which is served with a plate of fried wonton skins. A personal favorite entree of mine is the Pepper Steak. Braised pieces of steak stir-fried with bell peppers and onions. Oh baby. The bell peppers and onions are totally cooked to perfection - sizzling and soft. Yummy.

Whether you decide to come in for lunch or dinner, this place is always a super value. It's not much to look at and its located in a strip mall, but appreciate the "mom and pop" quality of this restaurant. She runs the cash register and runs out for deliveries while her husband is in the kitchen, furiously churning out all your favorite Chinese dishes. They work really hard and it shows through their returning regulars. Give them a try and you'll be a regular too!

NOTE: For whatever reason, the sign above the restaurant says "J Palace Delight". I have asked them numerous times why the name of the restaurant is Jade Palace yet their sign says J Palace. They haven't given me a reason. I suspect they bought the sign and then realized they couldn't fit all the letters within their space. lol.

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