Chinese Restaurants Richardson TX


Went last night for the first time, and the place looks very open, bright, and clean. I ate with 2 other friends and we ordered: water spinach with garlic, combination pan fried noodles, and a Vietnamese catfish soup.
*Let me note here when we ordered this soup, the waiter questioned us about it. "This is Vietnamese style, are you sure? Oh, one of you has had it? Ok then." Apparently this is one of my friend's favorite soups, and I was just along for the ride.

The soup: I was NOT a fan. Let me out of the car! It had this weird flavor that I couldn't pin down. It's hot, but sour...very sour. Vaguely reminded me of Tom Yum soup. It had chunks of pineapple and large pieces of fish. I kept thinking the flavor would grow on me, but I gave up after 4 or 5 attempts at my bowl.

The noodles were average. I was pleased with the amount of various meats and seafood, but wished for more broccoli and veggies. It tasted as expected, and was nothing wow.
Water spinach was tasty, but for the price ($9 or so) I prefer it at First Chinese (more like $7).
Our total check came out to $40. I see that soup as VERY expensive. (I believe the small, which was certainly enough for the 3 of us, since 2 were not fans.and leftovers, was $17.) It is possible I would go back to this restaurant to try other things, but that will probably be later than sooner.

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What chinese food restaurant has the best orange chicken in plano, TX?

i want some good orange chicken! and besides panda express because they dont deliver

Try Sum Yang Gai or Mie Suk Yue or Phueck Yu, all owned by Ross Perot!!