Chinese Restaurants Topeka KS

Great Wall Chinese Food
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We stopped here for lunch on day two of our cross country trip. We chose this restaurant because it was the only place open on a Sunday afternoon with more than 4 stars.

But we were rather unimpressed. The crab rangoon was good, the eggrolls so so, the wonton soup good, and the hot and sour just ok.

But the entrees were the big disappointment. She had kung pao chicken and I had spicy and tangy chicken. Neither was very flavorful, and I had a hard time detecting any spice in my dish. All of this could be forgiven, but the real disappointment was that the chicken was on it's way out. Some bites were okay, but others made it obvious that we were not being fed fresh meat. And that just isn't cool.

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What restaurants in Topeka, KS are good for large groups?

If you are looking for a place in Topeka, Kansas with a bar type atmosphere and great food, the Lazy Toad, Boss Hawgs, and Jeremiah Bullfrogs all have private areas that can be reserved for large groups.