Millbrae Chinese Restaurants

Chinese restaurant continues

The way I understand it, MP/SGV/Alhambra etc... offers a wider variety of regional Chinese, some Cantonese, but it is more about better non Cantonese Chinese in general.

Millbrae is more of a dim sum seafood restaurant row that it is now known for, probably better than most dim sum restaurants in SF city, where you have

HK Flower Lounge
Asian Pearl Peninsula
South China Seafood Village (formerly Fook Yuen, a branch of the one in SF on Irving Street)
Zen Peninsula
The Kitchen

as your top contenders in the area, with APP and ZP being generally a bit more refined, but HKFL is still popular after all these years. The Kitchen also gets very crowded on weekends. Of course there's Koi Palace in Daly City that is the most exquisite, but gets mixed reviews (it has the edge over the competitionfor having some real exotic expensive seafood, live in the tanks, but is generally more popular for its dim sum by Chinese and non Chinese alike).

Millbrae is still very Cantonese centric, as you have three to four Hong Kong style western type cafe places (not as dense and many as SGV/MP though), plus the new Gourmet Hunter which focuses a little more on Macau style Cantonese (more rustic feel) that I think is really good, but the flavors could be a bit of an acquired taste for those not used to it.

Regional Chinese wise, not too many varieties. Shanghai Dumpling Shop, a chain of the one in SF, Cantonese run, very popular amongst Cantonese and non English speakers, but I find their food generally inconsistent and unrefined. Better Shanghainese can be found in San Mateo a few exits south on 101. There's a Sichuan place across from SCSV but I haven't tried it. There's Five A's cafe for a general mix of Northern Chinese in Burlingame a block south of SCSV, but I'm not a fan.

If your game is dim sum or Cantonese dinners w/seafood, Millbrae will do you just fine. For regular stir fry, nothing fancy, my vote is Gourmet Hunter. For a quality bowl of congee, noodles, simple stir fry, there's Fat Wong's to the north in San Bruno, or the HK cafe's do the fried noodle/rice plates for cheaper (Cafe Salina being the priciest, but generally does it at the highest quality).

For better Shanghainese, head south to San Mateo, more choices within downtown, but you really want to go to Little Shanghai. For Beijing style food, Everyday Beijing. Taiwanese.some like Little Bee but for similar yet much better fare, 5 Joy in Foster City (about 15 mins south of Millbrae).

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