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So the drinks are City Prices, not Suburb Prices- but are good. And cops are frigging everywhere like bugs, so you can't get too loose anyway if you have wheels. Which brings up parking.

Not their fault, but... Inadequate. 5 adjacent restaurants plus commerce leaves junk for street parking. The parking in the rear has a sentry. It's a dumpster at the entrance/egress with a fence that swings to block access a bit. Do we want to stroll by that after dinner? Is there a raccoon or a pothead teen or a derelict urinating or ...? That is what people think. It will ooze and smell in summer. Plus: eyesore?

The bar staff are quick, attentive, polite, genuine, attractive, and intelligent. Wow.

The food? I haven't sampled much beyond my favorites. My brother has been there many times as he lives around the corner- says the Chinese Pizza is too sweet. He maintains the fried shrimps are 7/10. My faves are Orange Beef = 10/10, House Fried Rice = 9/10, and Boneless Spare Ribs 10/10.

I am a on the fence fan. I want to like them and make them my go-to guy.
I gave this new place 3 tries. Not a lot of girls to mingle or converse with- at all. There are 2 colleges in a 5 mile radius. But forget that, Comrade Bro's. Couples or dudes is what it is. But it's a Sports Bar, right? That's normal. And TVs abound ! Same size as mine, 52" but times like 30? Another Wow Factor.

I look forward to trying the place with friends again when Spring-Summer arrives because their façade has those 20-25 foot long panel window-walls that open up like that stuck up Tavern place across the street but at least twice as long anyway.

This place is a new effort. Kinks, cooks, and lingua probs I have read. No opinion on that yet. I do not really believe it. Haven't yet taken up a table. Built in tip rumors? Many reviews mention that. I only vaguely noticed my totals, at a glance, that it felt slightly of a rub. City Drink Prices prob. Wasn't pozzy on it or inclined to check line entries, but that is a deal breaker if true for parties under 6. I don't believe that rumor.

For any business that isn't a hotel, it's really just not smart because the word gets out.

Ah the restrooms. Cannot vouch for the Ladies' Room, however the few trips to mine were fine. Big plus apart from the cleanliness aspect... The TV's in there too so you don't miss a beat with that Red Sox game or Bruins playoff jaunt.

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