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I was visiting the Springs when my folks were in town so as usual, I turned to Yelp for some guidance for a lunch spot. The reviews were great, the menu looked awesome so we thought to give it a try. We arrived a little around 2 pm so when we walked in, the place was mostly empty. But before we even walked in, we were already charmed by the outside. When we walked in, it's even cuter inside! Inconceivable!

We sat down at a table and the owner lady soon stopped by. Their menu doesn't look extensive, some soup, salads, sandwiches, and entrees, but everything on there looks so good that even though we're starving, we were still having a hard time deciding. After a while, we finally decided on the following: cream of mushroom soup, French onion soup, boeuf bourguignon, and a chicken casserole. Doesn't look like a lot of food for 3 people right? WRONG! There were so much food we had leftovers. The soups were amazing. The cream of mushroom is so creamy, one of the best cream of mushroom soup I've had in a while. The boeuf bourguignon is just the right texture and taste. Not too salty, good amount of chunky beef, and perfectly cooked pasta. And the chicken casserole... My mom actually hates casserole because unfortunately, her only casserole experience thus far had been cafeteria style soggy mess, so she was reluctant when I ordered it. This chicken casserole blew her mind. It had chicken chunks, apple, and potatoes in a cheesy cream sauce. This casserole made me mad at myself for not being able to fit more food into my stomach.

We were plenty stuffed after the food, but after staring at their dessert case all through the meal, I can't not have dessert. I ordered a eclairs, and they came back with a plate of happiness. They added whip cream and chocolate syrup on the already amazing dessert. The cream was light and fluffy, just as they looked. I was stuffed to the gills but I couldn't stop, I'm like a mad person at that point. So before I left, I ordered a croissant and a black and white cookie to go.

The service was friendly but wasn't very attentive, most likely since we got there at their tail end of lunch. With food like that though, I don't care if I had to eat on the floor. I live in Denver but I want to drive all the way down there just for their meal. It's so worth the long drive; gas money, traffic and all. If you haven't been to this place, drop what you're doing and plan a trip there, now.

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What is a restaurant in Downtown Colorado Springs?

The Blue Star is located at 1645 S. Tejon St. American style food. Phone: 719.632.1086.