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Patrick Murphy - chef de cuisine at Le Reve Patisserie and Café

The Restaurant

Le Rêve Patisserie and Café, opened in the summer of 2008 by Andrew Schneider and Therese Hittman, serves traditional bistro meals from breakfast through late-night dinner. Located in the heart of the Wauwatosa Village, Le Rêve is renowned for its exceptional design. Once a 100-year-old bank, the building has since converted into a spacious patisserie and café with classic leather banquettes, playful pendant lighting, and a signature zinc-topped bar.

Le Rêve offers a French menu prepared by chef de cuisine Patrick Murphy. Guests can also choose an assortment of breads and traditional pastries, made by classically trained pastry chefs, from the signature glass display.

Cat Yee Crampton - General Manager at Le Reve Patisserie and CaféLe Rêve is also available to host your special event. Our dining rooms will accommodate up to 80 guests.

The People

Patrick Murphy - Chef de cuisine
Patrick Murphy is chef de cuisine at Le Reve Patisserie and Café in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. A Milwaukee native, Murphy cut his teeth in the restaurant industry in a variety of different dining environments, from bar fare to fine dining. He went on to earn his culinary degree from MATC, and began looking for new opportunities to hone his skills and widen his palette. This perseverance and enthusiasm paid off, landing him an apprenticeship with award winning chef Sanford D’Amato. During this time he continued to learn, and his passion for cooking became especially focused on French cuisine. Murphy’s love of French food and cooking led to positions as line cook at award-winning French bistro Coquette Café in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, as well as savory chef at artisan bakery Harlequin Bake Shop and city mainstay Sanford Restaurant on Milwaukee’s lower East Side.

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