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If you're already part of a couple, a little temporary onion breath shouldn't be a deal-breaker (or just get your significant other to eat some too), and if you're on a first date (or on the prowl), well, bring a travel toothbrush or something. When you order "frites" at the Amsterdam, you'll want to enjoy them to the fullest. These fries are cooked Belgian-style and are perfectly seasoned, full of flavor but not too salty. They're skin-on and hearty, but not so big as to get soggy. Most of the fries come out perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, with the little ones rendered deliciously crunchy throughout. Even the condiments here are superior versions. There are seven house-made varieties to choose from, with herb-garlic mayo and curry ketchup being standouts as fry-dippers. (6 W. Sixth St., St. Paul; 651.222.3990)

Bacon cheeseburgers arrive with these tart, salty fry favorites

The Mall of America may not be destination dining, but there have been times while roaming the massive halls behind the shuffling masses when inspiration hits like a thunderbolt.Twin City Grill Burger and fries (400x267).jpg That grumbling slowly working its way from the base of your stomach up to your throat can easily be satiated by one fantastic plate of fries. Skinny little fries are sprinkled with a malt vinegar powder. Just thinking about them gets the salivary glands worked up. Salty, tart, and small enough to easily gobble one after another, a plate of these fries makes navigating that Saturday parking ramp situation a breeze. (130 N. Garden, Bloomington; 952.854.0200)

The colorful clientele and interior at the Wienery enhances their fries

Chicago-style hot dogs (and damn good ones) are the headliners at this West Bank institution, but they put just as much care into their hand-cut French fries. A far cry from the cybernetic fries most restaurants peddle, the Wienery's creations always taste more of the potato than the fryer, proving that food made fast doesn't have to taste like fast food. (414 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis; 612.333.5798)

Elegant digs doesn't mean they don't dish a tasty plate of fries

The Wienery.jpeg lurcat.jpg

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