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Call it simpleminded, but French onion soup should be cooked by a Frenchman. And Philippe Fallait is just the Frenchman to do it. The owner and only chef at Cafe Triskell has been making New York’s best onion soup ($8) since he opened his bite-size restaurant in Long Island City seven years ago. Formerly a pastry chef for famed four-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Fallait initially wanted to open a crab restaurant, but quickly expanded his menu to include, among other tasty items, onion soup, which is mainly served in France as a post-wedding hangover remedy. Fallait’s trick is to keep his soup simple. His semisweet and savory broth delivers big flavor without an overwhelming amount of onions. And, unlike other restaurants, Fallait does not skimp on the cheese. Covering every soup are four layers of Gruyere and one of Swiss, which creates a better crust.

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Balthazar serves 15 gallons of its French onion soup daily.

80 Spring St., So

It is one of the most popular items on the menu at one of the most popular restaurants in Manhattan. Simply put, the French onion soup at Keith McNally’s Balthazar is undeniably exquisite. According to co-executive chef Lee Hanson, the restaurant goes through 15 gallons of their soup in a single day. The broth is a complex combination of flavors — charred onions, port wine, garlic, various spices — none of which overwhelms the others. The Gruyere, which is shredded before being melted in the salamander, seems to seal in the flavor, and the toasted croutons add thickness to the soup. It is a decadent and beautiful treat for cheese, onion and/or soup lovers.

The French onion soup at Le Paddock in Windsor Terrace


Windsor Terrace is not where one would expect to find a great bowl of French onion soup. But there it is, being served at Le Paddock, a beautiful 40-seat bistro next to the Prospect Expressway. Co-owner Gregory Tetaud, who hails from La Rochelle, France, makes the soup stock twice a week with both beef and veal bones. Caramelized onions are then added. Finally, two circular toasted croutons are sealed on top of the traditional soup bowl with two slices of Gruyere. This French onion soup, which goes for $7, is not as sweet as others but it’s just as rich and goes great with Le Paddock’s pizza, baked in a wood-burning brick oven that’s been around for three decades. Tetaud serves nearly 15 bowls a night, even in summer.


Bar Americain’s American version of French onion soup must be tried ... Especially with this weather. — @BFlay

Onion soup gratinee from Benoit Bistro is the best of New York ... because how could you not vote for a 100+-year-old Parisian bistro? — Brooke V.

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