Italian Restaurant in Woodstock, GA

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We weren't planning on going out to dinner. But after a LONG weekend, the stupid being out at the grocery store, and battling Friday traffic in the rain in Atlanta, I was initially looking forward to a quiet night at home. Then my fiance calls me while I'm on the way home (I got a bluetooth, I didn't join the stupid traffic people crowd), and tells me that the storms had knocked out the power in our house. GREAT. Needless to say, I was fit to be tied, and my fiance practically said we HAD to get out of the house for dinner.

After the usual 20 minute debate on where to go, we landed on Tuscany's. We had never been before, and I heard from a friend of ours that it was good. So away we went.

Since it was a Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised that the wait for a table was only 10-15 minutes, and they were prompt. We passed a DECADENT dessert display on the way to being seated (more on that later). After we were seated, we were greeted promptly by our server, Mark, who was excellent.

We started off with the fried mozzarella appetizer, and a glass of wine for me because, frankly, I needed it! The mozzarella was excellent-just the right amount of breading, not too greasy (some places' mozzarella sticks can be REALLY greasy), and served with a side of marinara. My glass of wine-heaven in a glass. I asked Mark for a recommendation, and it was spot-on. Oooh, I could've drank a water glass of that wine...but I refrained.

We ordered our entrees, and then Mark brings out a salad for us and those devilish rolls. The salad was the standard fare, but the balsamic vinaigrette on it was AH-mazing. Then the entrees come out. My fiance got their stuffed shells, and I got the gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce. Bliss. The gnocchi was cooked properly-not sticky or too dense like some places, and the gorgonzola sauce was a perfect mix with it. My fiance loved his stuffed shells. He barely came up for air!

Then dessert...dessert, dessert, dessert. This is definitely one of those places where you MUST save room for dessert. My fiance got a humongous slice of the red velvet cake. I got the cannoli. Again, AH-mazing. The cannoli was a great mixture of the sweet shell, the cream filling, and chocolate chips. The red velvet cake-I got a bite of it, and all I can say is wow. Red velvet cake, when done right, is just mouth-watering.

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