Italian Restaurants in Beverly Hills

Based on the 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/­2013/2014 Michelin Guide ratings (2008/2009 for Los Angeles, 2008/2009 for Las Vegas, 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 for San Francisco, and 2011/2012/2013/2014 for Chicago, 2013/2014 for New York), here is how I would rank the few restaurants I've tried that have a Michelin star.

Three of the LA spots (Joe's, Saddle Peak Lodge, Matsuhisa) and the Las Vegas spot (Mesa Grill) had Michelin stars in 2008 but did not retain them for 2009.

I recently went to 4 restaurants in Japan with Michelin stars-Esaki (3 stars-Tokyo), Sushi Matsumoto (2 stars-Kyoto) and L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (2 stars-Tokyo). My most recent was Beige in Tokyo (1 star). Matsumoto was the best of these places.

Counting worldwide, 102 restaurants and a total of 139 Michelin stars.

I ranked these restaurants in terms of the quality and creativity of their cuisine. Manresa though is my personal favorite of the bunch. I also really like Quince and then Providence in LA.

Next Up: Per Se

Here are my 10 favorite restaurants (and not solely based on food quality).

I have been to most of these places multiple times, but the one-time experience at some of these restaurants (like Baume) were so strong that I had to include them on the list.

Ranked in order of preference.

Here is how I would rank the few Bay Area restaurants I've been to (based on overall experience-food, value, service). Here are my 25 favorite restaurants (ranked in order of preference).
Here is how I would rank my favorite restaurants in the US. I tried to put them in order of preference (with primary focus being on the food, but I also considered the service, the atmosphere, the value, etc.). I used to not be a big fan of tasting menus, but Baume (Palo Alto) changed my mind because nearly every dish was very good. I regret not trying Sona's tasting menu before it closed. Hopefully, I will find exceptional tasting menus in the future.

Here is how I would rank (in order of preference) the tasting menus I've tried.

Here is how I would rank Opinionated About's (OA) 100 Best US Restaurants. I've listed the ones I've been to below and their rank by this organization appears in.

I still need to write reviews for The French Laundry, Saison and Cut.

Manresa (1), The French Laundry (2), Alinea (3), Coi (18), Restaurant at Meadowood (21), Providence (23), Saison (24), Cyrus (25), Spago (26), Commis (32), Quince (39), Patina (58), Matsuhisa...

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