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Babbo Italian Eatery in Cave
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I stopped in for a take-out order, and the place was packed. I ordered at the bar, and decided to start a game of chess on my phone, since I was going to be waiting for awhile. On my third move, and less than five minutes later, my order was ready. Wow! That was fast, especially with how busy this place was.

I forfeited my game, and headed home with the goods. At the house I opened the bag to find a nice size bowl of spaghetti with two big meatballs, a couple good size pieces of bread, dipping oil, and parmigiana cheese. Not the best pasta I have ever had, but far from the worst, and better than some swanky, expensive restaurants. For six bucko's and speedy service, it's a good deal. Real food for the price of Micky D's.

Update: On a recent visit I noticed that the "Gun Free Zone" sign was gone. These signs are like magnets for wackadoodle's who know that the place is an easy target. OK, I'm changing from four stars to five!

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Where is a Chinese restaurant in Surprise, AZ?

Chinese restaurants in Surprise, AZ: Panda Express, 13732 W Bell Rd # 16, (623) 556-4969. Meiwei China Bistro, 15332 W Bell Rd, (623) 271-8722. Golden Wei, 17014 W Bell Rd, (623) 584-8911. China Buffet, 17119 N Litchfield Rd, # 20, (623) 584-9198. !