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Walnut Creek Italian
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Tutto Mare - The dish was full of seafood and had good flavor. I'll try the leftovers tonight to see if the flavors were further infused into the sauce. The shrimp, however, was overcooked as most restaurants do. (Try Flippo's in Berkeley for my benchmark of perfectly cooked shrimp - you'll never want to go back to overcooked shrimp)

Clam Linguine - Good flavor, 4 clams in shells were provided on the dish + other clams mixed into the sauce, though I'm sure those came from a jar. The only other complaint I would have on this dish is that my Tutto Mare sauce seemed to be plentiful, though this dish had just enough sauce to soak the noodles.

Garlic bread is served for FREE when you check into the restaurant on Yelp!

The servers were nice, but didn't check on us too much - I'm not sure if that was because they didn't want to interrupt us and saw that we didn't need a refill on our water. However, I wouldn't say that the service was out of this world or personable to make me increase the rating.

The ambiance was decent. However, the bathrooms are a bit creepy. I don't need dim, romantic lighting when I'm trying to pee. The bathroom stall doors are also black, which made the bathrooms even darker.

This restaurant was good and I would come back again to increase the rating. I would actually give this restaurant 3.5 stars, but because they're at a 4... I feel my rating is justified because I would've expected a 4-star experience.

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