Japanese Restaurants Boca Raton FL

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The place is fairly modern and quite clean. One thing that threw me for a loop though was the lighting. It's super dark inside which made it a bit disorienting to walk in and out of, considering the crazy summer sun. On the other hand, that low light level makes Sushi Yama a nice intimate dinner spot or a chilled out place to grab a drink.

As for the food, I got 2 rolls, the Super Yama and the Green Dragon and they were huge! Twelve big pieces in each roll, heaps of fresh fish, good flavor. The pricing was a bit up there, like $12 a roll, but these were their "signature" rolls so I wasn't that surprised.

I also wanted to mention their menu which was huge. I forget exactly but I remember the waiter saying they had something like 200 items on the menu and it's not just sushi. They have noodles, soups, the whole 9 yards. Lots of stuff to try next time.


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