Japanese Restaurants in Minneapolis

fusion sushi 300.jpgRaw fish lovers have many options in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities may not be renowned for its fresh seafood, but we do have some respectable options when it comes to sushi. With the Japanese culinary staple becoming more and more ubiquitous, it helps to have an idea of which places consistently offer the freshest, tastiest sushi. A hot dog is often just a hot dog, but there's nothing quite so disappointing as bad sushi. With this in mind, the Hot Dish offers this guide to the top ten sushi restaurants in the metro area.

1) Origami

Origami in downtown Minneapolis has been the leader in sushi excellence for two decades with its consistently fresh and extensive fish selections, expertly prepared rice, and high quality nori.Origami.Tohoku.smaller.jpg Owner-chef "Ichi" (Kiminobu Ichikawa) has been keeping a watchful eye over the quality of ingredients since he opened the restaurant in 1991. He uses Tamaki Gold rice, with a sweet aroma and the perfect stickiness for sushi, seasoned with a top-secret vinegar mixture. The quality of nori at Origami is apparent when you bite into a roll: the seaweed wrapping easily dissolves with the rice and the fish in your mouth. Bargain weekday noodle lunches and late-night celebrity sightings round out the package. Who knew Elvis Costello, Tony Hawk, and Al Roker had anything in common? The Ridgedale Mall location is not as star-studded, but just as good.
30 North First Street, Minneapolis. 612.333.8430
12305 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka. 952.746.3398
Origami website
Masu Sushi.jpg kikugawa-at-riverplace-5.7354858.131.jpg

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Are there any Japanese restaurants in Minneapolis that serve ramen?

Theres a Japanese all you can eat at Knollwood Mall (st. louis park) which had it, as of 2007
maybe Sushi Tango on Hennepin in Uptown