Japanese Restaurants Kansas City

dsgn_694_pic_2.jpg(lower level) cROWN Center


2450 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, MO

Diners will find the food excellent, the service friendly, the atmosphere traditional and the affordability of Kabuki’s prices well within their budget. Kabuki creates a wide variety of traditionally elegant sushi and sashimi using only the freshest of ingredients. Along with its extensive selection of appetizers, the restaurant offers a broad selection of traditional Japanese cuisines, including Vegetable and Tempura, Sukiyaki, and Teriyaki Chicken. The menu also features popular American plates like the infamous Kansas City Strip.
Kabuki has a calm and friendly atmosphere perfect for family dinners. The restaurant has an indoor patio that provides the romantic ambiance for those celebrating an anniversary or room enough for those larger special events. Kabuki offers a cultural experience like no other, featuring a seating area where diners can watch the master sushi chef and sous-chefs create all of the elegant sushi dinners, ala carte rolls, sashimi and party platters right before their eyes. Diners at the sushi bar are able to watch first hand how the sushi is made, ask questions of the chefs about the infinite selection of items and how they are prepared, as the chefs are more than happy to impart their personal ‘secrets’ for creating some of the finest elements in locally authentic Japanese cuisine.
Located on the lower level (east side of Crown Center) just across from Streetcar Named Desire, KC’s home of the infamous “Big George”, Kabuki encourages you to come by and enjoy, what you’ll consider, one of the best authentic Japanese dining experiences in Kansas City.

In 1985, the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant opened its current Crown Center location For nearly 25 years Kabuki has retained its original Japanese ownership and tradition, maintaining its loyalty for its customers in creating the most exquisite Japanese cuisine in Kansas City. Kabuki was voted the Best Japanese Restaurant in Kansas City in 2007 and 2008, Best Sushi in Missouri 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

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