Des Moines Mexican Restaurants

ChipsWe’d been looking for our perfect Mexican restaurant. Something that offered authentic Mexican food, was compatible with our young daughters, and if possible would be reasonably priced and easily accessible to us. We found this with Agave Grill in Clive, but still wanted something more, something that they didn’t offer and something that was different so we could avoid becoming bored. Enter Abelardo’s. Abelardo’s has three locations in Central Iowa, two in Des Moines, and one in West Des Moines.Queso Dip So when we had decided on trying Abelardo’s the other day, we decided to try their West Des Moines location which happens to be closest to our home.

I immediately knew we had found a great restaurant when we arrived — the menu was vast, and it included items that I haven’t generally found in other Des Moines area Mexican restaurants. Chorizo was featured prominently on their menu in a number of dishes and they also offered tortas, Mexican sandwiches that I haven’t seen at any other Mexican restaurant in the Des Moines area.


The lady working the register was very kind and patient with us. She was willing to help us navigate their menu and gave us plenty of time to ensure we found just the right things to order.

We started with their chips and queso. I still feel confident that the best queso in the Des Moines Area can be found at the Fighting Burrito, but Abelardo’s comes in a close second. What they may just have on the Fighting Burrito though is their chips…perfectly crunchy and chewey, quite delicious.

Hot Sauce

Their tortillas are worth mentioning here. They are the largest tortillas I’ve ever seen. This beauty came with my Chorizo Plate. I figured I’d been given a few tortillas, but no, it was one giant one! And from what I can tell, it’s made there in house. Absolutely outstanding… it reminded my wife and I of a very thin Roti bread that you would get at an Indian restaurant. Flavorful and chewey. You might be thinking this sounds silly, and I assure you that you’d be right, but if Lady Gaga can wear a meat suit, I figured I could wear this tortilla as a poncho. It was that big…and had I not eaten it so promptly, I would have tried, you can believe that.

Chimichanga Chorizo Plate

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What is the best Mexican Restaurant in Des Moine, IA?

The El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is very highly rated. You can reach the restaurant at (515) 265-0551 and it is located at 1234 E Euclid Ave, Des Moines, IA, 50316. Viva la