Mexican Restaurants Flagstaff


522 East Route 66
Flagstaff, Arizona 88001
(928) 779-1944

The Kachina Restaurant despite its Native American reference is a top notch Mexican restaurant located along Route 66, not far from downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. The restaurant sports a spacious dining building with two large rooms, fashioned in old adobe. It also has a full bar adjacent to the dining area, with a wide selections of premium tequilas. This is a landmark Flagstaff restaurant founded by Frank and Frances Garcia in 1959 with both Arizona and western New Mexico recipes on the menu.Kachina Interior The restaurant prides itself on incorporating healthy low fat alternatives to recipes that usually call for lard or animal fats.

Once you enter you are seated and offered chips and a very tasty and hot chile salsa that includes chucks of avocado! Latinopia sampled both the green and red chile dishes and we were blown away by the freshness and great taste. The green chile had generous melt in-your-mouth pieces of pork and the chile itself was delicious with just the right level of hotness. The red chile adobada was equally tasty, with the meat tender and moist. The menu also features traditional tacos, burros, carne asada, chimichangas and many of Frank’s Favorites: carne asada and shrimp fajitas. Latinopia heartily recommends this Flagstaff gem.

Kachina chips El Charro Cafe

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What restaurants in Flagstaff, AZ are good for large groups?

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