Romantic restaurants in Indianapolis

Eagle's Nest, Great Meals Restaurants, Romantic Restaurant, 1 S Capitol Ave Indianapolis IN 46204Eagle's Nest is a great place to bring a date. You'll love the revolving view of Indianapolis and delicious chef's specialties, like filet mignon, roasted prime rib and horseradish-crusted salmon. For a more casual night out, feast on a fun selection of sandwiches and snacks at Champs Sports Lounge, or savor upscale martinis and appetizers in a trendy, chic atmosphere at Level One (opening August 27, 2007) – a perfect place to meet friends or colleagues at the end of the day.

Eagle's Nest - 1 location

Hollyhock Hill, Great Meals, Weddings, Traditional American, Romantic Restaurant, Soul Food, Venue, 8110 N College Ave Indianapolis IN 46240

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What would be a good restaurant for a romantic prom night in Indianapolis?

My boyfriend and I are going to our 3rd prom together but i still want it to be romantic. it can be $$$ but i don't want it to look cheap inside. we prefer Chinese but open to suggestions to Italian too.

prom is coming up for me as well. We are doing a candle light dinner on the roof of our house but you could do it in your yard. we are getting pizza from a nearby pizza place so that everyone will like it and its not too over done. Cheap isn't a bad thing. It's a way to show that your are relaxed and comfortable. Hope this helps.