Romantic restaurants in Norfolk VA

Hampton VA Jacuzzi TubOur Complete Guide to Booking a Hot Tub Hotel Room in Virginia.

The state of Virginia is a vacation playground, with some of the best Mountain and coastal getaways on the eastern U.S. shore. You can make your holiday or honeymoon here even better with a few nights in one of these romantic hot tub suites.

Enjoy this guide & map of Jacuzzi® and whirlpool suites in hotels, B&B's and vacation rentals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond and Alexandria VA, as well as near the Shenandoah Mountains in Western Virginia.

(Disclaimer: the use of the Jacuzzi® trademark on this page is for informational purposes only. No co-promotion, connection or affiliation with the Jacuzzi® companies is inferred or suggested. As usual, these listings are intended as a guide only. Rooms and amenities can change, so always check the hotel or inns own sites first before)

Eastern Virginia Jacuzzi® Suites - Virginia Beach

- as the name suggests, this Hilton Garden Inn is close to downtown Virginia Beach. Besides a lovely soak in the in-room whirlpool, you get a flat screen TV, free WiFi, a spacious living area, and their wonderful Serta Suite Dreams bed. No wonder it's rated no. 1 for Virginia Beach hotels on TripAdvisor!

  • Price & Rating: Whirlpool suite rates start at 1/night. 80% of Couples* Rate it Excellent/Very Good. (252 Town Center Dr, Virginia Beach, VA. 855-277-5057)

VA Hotel Room with Hot TubSuffolk VA

- book your anniversary or honeymoon in one of their spa tub suites with a whirlpool large enough for two! You can expect not only a spacious and spotless room, but a hot buffet breakfast the following morning as well. Although the hotel's located in a "high tech" area of Suffolk, shopping and dining are close by (Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday etc).

Price & Rating: Whirlpool suite rates start at $141/night. 100% of Couples* Rate it Excellent/Very Good. (8060 Harbour View Blvd, Suffolk, VA. 866-576-5620)

Norfolk & Chesapeake VA

- while it's practical location may not be the most exciting in town, you probably won't notice while relaxing in one of this Holiday Inn's romantic jetted tubs. And you certainly won't mind all the money you're saving - this is one of the most inexpensive Jacuzzi® suites in the whole Norfolk/Chesapeake/Suffolk VA area.

  • Price & Rating: Hot tub suite rates start at $81/night in low season. 88% of Couples* Rate it Excellent/Very Good. (2436 Gum Rd, Chesapeake, VA. 877-859-5095)

- lots of things to like about this Hampton Inn: "blackout curtains" for sleeping in late, close to lots of restaurants, and of course, their romantic, bubbly spa tub suites.

  • Price & Rating: Whirlpool suite rates start at $94/night in low season. 76% of Couples* Rate it Excellent/Very Good. (8501 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA. 855-271-3622)

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What are the most romantic restauraunts in or near Norfolk, VA?

My wife and I are always on the look out for quiet, elegant and romantic restauraunts in the Norfolk or Virginia beach area and any help would be appreciated.. Most the searches on google don't have pictures. Looking for for a dark/dim litsetting, quiet, lit candles, calm music, extensive wine selection if possible and of course a tasty food selection.. The idea perfect romantic restauraunt. I have a few places in mind including Todd Jurich's Bistro but thats not dark enough on the inside for my liking.. Thank you. We are going out tomorrow.

Steinhilber's is an amazing restaurant. I've been there before, it was great. They have amazing food as well. P.F. Chang's in Virginia Beach town center is very dim lit but it's not 5 star. Still a great place though. The Cheesecake factory is a nice place as well. I attatched the Steinhilber's restaurant